Monday, May 26, 2014

Wearing History's WWII Homefront - 1940s Overalls

Haven't been around here in a long time, but as my other blog is dedicated to the Regency, here seems to be the best place to post about the new overalls that I made with my sister this weekend!

Rosie the Riveter is my sister's hero - my sister is one of the hardest workers I know, and she is a big inspiration to me. It totally makes sense that she is a fan of all those hard-working women who kept the home front during WWII. It is kind of perfect that we ended up making these on Memorial Day weekend!

We used Wearing History's pattern for WWII Homefront - 1940s Overalls, and they turned out adorably. The pattern instructions were a little challenging to read, so we figured out a couple bits on our own, but everything worked out pretty well (so I assume we figured it out correctly!)  The only thing that was actually off in the pattern was that the waistband for the overalls was about 1/2" short, and we made each front-leg tuck 3/8" deeper to match the waist measurement of the bodice front. Not sure if those modifications were necessary because I did something wrong, but once we jimmied it that little bit, everything fit together nicely.

No in-progress photos, but we wedged my little sister into one of my plaid shirts (she is a lot more muscular than me!) and took a few photos of the final result:


We found some super fun metal buttons at Fine Fabrics (Atlanta) - they say "what's up" and they are the perfect little finishing touch for her personality.

This was a fun little project to whip up in a couple of days, I would definitely make these again.

Wishing you all well this Memorial Day, don't forget to be thankful for all the men and women who worked hard (like all the Rosie the Riveters out there!) and sacrificed much to preserve our freedom.