Saturday, December 28, 2013

Wedding Designs + Storyboards

I've sent off the first batch of sketches to my friend, complete with storyboards for each sketch. This is how those turned out:

I've emailed them all to her, and she's given me some feedback about what she loves and what she is not too sure about, so my next step is to morph together the bits and pieces that she likes, and ditch the bits she doesn't like, into three(ish) more looks! 

After that, hopefully one more go-round (which will probably be tweaked a few times as I am building it, while we interface back and forth about progress and have our fittings) until the final design! 

Then, I build. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Wedding Gowns

A dear friend of mine has commissioned a wedding gown from me. I am half-terrified and half-excited about this venture. I am fairly certain that I am competent enough to construct a wedding gown, this will be my second, but I am flummoxed about how to fit the thing from across the country! She is located in sunny CA, and I am located in GA.

That'll be an adventure.

I'm due to send her designs about now, so I have put together a few based on conversations we have had and inspiration images that we have pulled. I finalized them during the Georgia Bulldog/Florida Gators game. We creamed them (sort of? It was close at the end) - "we" being the Bulldogs (my bebe and in-laws are Dawgs, so I fit myself right in there.)

Who would have thought football could be so inspiring? Actually it isn't, really, but it was a good time to finally spit out onto paper the designs that I have been rolling around in my head. Below are the six-seven designs that I narrowed down to.

Next, to paint proper illustrations and collage mood/story boards for each of them!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Working away!

I have been working, I promise! I have been hand sewing Kenny's shirt, so it has been taking a while. I find the sewing to be relaxing, though, so I just might hand sew more parts of his costume after this.