Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Pink Pet Kirtle

I know, I already posted a tidy list of things to be finished, but since then, I've actually worked on a couple of them! One of these is my Elizabethan Kirtle. It is inauthentic, wrinkly, pink, and has distressingly rebellious shoulder straps, but it's rather my pet project (I designed and drafted it entirely on my own - the dresses that I manage to complete after this process I am inordinately fond of). Above is a picture of my boning channels. I originally machine-stitched the channels, but since I have a thing against most visible machine-sewing, I handstitched over it with pink 'twist', using a stem stitch.

Yesterday, I pinned this kirtle to my dressform. Unfortunately, my dressform is wider and less 'squishable' than me, so the back edges don't meet on it. On me, though, they close entirely, which is what I was aiming for. I haven't got they eyelets put in yet, but I intend to put them in for spiral lacing. I've never tried spiral-lacing on anything, and I figured I might as well try it out on this! Hopefully I'll get them in by the end of the month.


Beth said...

Oh how cute! So what about it isn't period, exactly? Pink is period, knife-pleating is period, spiral lacing is defintely period....

I think you'll love spiral lacing. It's so much easier to get into by yourself!

Anonymous said...

Non-period? Well, I don't recall seeing quite that front on an existing kirtle, but then I haven't looked at all of them . . . Oh, wait, I saw the pattern *somewhere* . . . come on, memory! What's the fabric? Maybe that's it. Surely you're not saying pink isn't 16th-century authentic??? I think it was actually called maiden's-blush (pink being the flower) but believe me, people wore it! Good job, anyway.

Susana Narvaez