Friday, December 10, 2010


I love big, billowy things. This tends to affect my designing in my classes, unfortunately. Or not-so-unfortunately. Anyway, I was recently seized with the NEED for a pair of patiala salwar pants (that was probably really redundant, but I don't know exactly what those words mean... ). I modified the traditional pattern to be a little less full at the hip, and I designed in a couple of pockets on each side for practical functionality (I love pockets, everything should have pockets) AND to bring the bulky width of the pant a little farther down from the waist. I still have no idea what to do about a closure... I also modified the traditional Indian salwar pattern into something a lot more like a traditional Turkish pant (check out the links at the bottom of this post). My fabric is a relatively heavy, patterned fabric (I have no idea what type of fabric is). I'm not sure how it will drape, as it is a lot heavier than the muslin that I'm using for my mock-ups.

I whipped up a few mock-ups yesterday. I'm in my undies for the first couple, so they are not posted here, but below are pictures of Salwar 1.3. I always feel a grand sense of accomplishment when I manage to recycle a mock-up (this was made up of the remains of Salwar 1.1). Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with it. I think the centre piece is a little too wide, creating a bit too much of a 'diaper' effect... but I will cut it out that way, and if I can't handle it in fabric, I'll just trim it down.

And now, a couple of interesting links that helped me out a bit:

How to Make a Turkish Salwar
Method of Stitching a Patiala Salwar: Vani's Blog
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Deboo said...

Dude, seriously...SERIOUSLY. Can I pay you to make me some? I can not get a single darzi to put pockets on a salwar for me, and your design is even better than what I asked of them! If you are feeling confident, please email me at with a price quote.

Abigael said...

Hi Deboo, sorry I never responded to this! I haven't been on top of this blog, it links to an old email address and I have been getting a lot of spam comments, so haven't paid attention to this blog. So here I am, a year later.

Glad you like the salwar! I guess I am using the right term, then? This project is actually still sitting on in a tidy "to-be-finished" package in my sewing room, I never finished lining the pockets and adding the waistband. BUT, once I start cleaning up my new sewing room (we have moved three times since this post, but I am pretty sure this made it in there), I will show the follow-up pictures!

Anonymous said...

HA! I forgot, too...and now it's even later. I hope you see this message. I still need genie pants (salwar) with POCKETS. I don't know what's the matter with the world. please do post pictures, or email them to me. again it's I'm not spam, I promise!