Monday, November 11, 2013

Wedding Gowns

A dear friend of mine has commissioned a wedding gown from me. I am half-terrified and half-excited about this venture. I am fairly certain that I am competent enough to construct a wedding gown, this will be my second, but I am flummoxed about how to fit the thing from across the country! She is located in sunny CA, and I am located in GA.

That'll be an adventure.

I'm due to send her designs about now, so I have put together a few based on conversations we have had and inspiration images that we have pulled. I finalized them during the Georgia Bulldog/Florida Gators game. We creamed them (sort of? It was close at the end) - "we" being the Bulldogs (my bebe and in-laws are Dawgs, so I fit myself right in there.)

Who would have thought football could be so inspiring? Actually it isn't, really, but it was a good time to finally spit out onto paper the designs that I have been rolling around in my head. Below are the six-seven designs that I narrowed down to.

Next, to paint proper illustrations and collage mood/story boards for each of them!

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